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Getting The Hood Cleaning Chesapeake VA Kitchens Need From Time To Time

By Jason Patterson

Special covers, over all kinds of equipment, in The Old Dominion State, are very common. The use for these hoods, as you may know, is to help eliminate the smoke, odor or gasses that this equipment generates. It should be removed because it could impact people that need fresh air to breathe. The most common places for these hoods is in the commercial kitchens. When a problem occurs, regardless of where this unit is, a call to a company that offers the Hood cleaning Chesapeake VA businesses use should be made.

While cooking the chef will be busy on the grill or maybe the flattop and will be generating smoke and greasy fumes. They will also put off steam, often containing other things that are sticky. This material should not get on other surfaces as this makes for a mess and cross contamination is a big deal. The fan that is running, inside this unit, will help pull this material into it.

Chesapeake VA has many of the companies that offer these services and they can be found in local trade journals. Many of them are separate departments in custodial cleaning companies. You can check with your current cleaning firm to see whether they offer this. If not, you have another criteria to use to decide who should be your next cleaning company.

Since the material that goes into your hood is predominantly greasy, it is also sticky. It will stick to the insides of the hood and will also attract normal dust, dirt, and germs, as well as allergens that are not killed off by the heat from the cooking surfaces nearby. The cleaning company will have to know what types of cooking you are doing so they can formulate the appropriate cleansers for this stuff.

As the cleaners get to work, they will begin by protecting the cooking surface and the others that close by. This is done by laying tarps over them. The best time for this work to take place is after the kitchen has shut down for the night. The stove should also be fairly cool as they will be sitting, leaning and or standing on it.

The first step, after getting access to the hood is physically removing as much of the caked on material as possible. They will usually attack this buildup with brushes on long handled poles. This brushing will cause a lot of material to become dislodge and fall out, That is why the protection on the cooking surface is necessary. Some crews will have vacuum hoses attached to these brushes to collect as much as possible.

Getting as far up into the unit is necessary as the filters, through which the air the fans are using, flows, are far up inside. These filters will also have to be removed and cleaned. They will, often, need to be soaked in an appropriate cleanser or replaced with new ones.

Many companies will also use foaming equipment to remove the residue that is left. Regardless of what is used, during this stage, will have to break down any of this greasy material so that a clean, smooth surface is left. Having a clean, healthy hood will help reduce the time needed to have it cleaned again.

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